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                                                                                    THE STUDY OF DEMAND
JSC "TBZ Neman" in order to organize production is studying the demand for a new product from peat-soil based on biohumus.

Soil based on biohumus is a ready-made soil for planting seeds or seedlings, as well as for indoor plants. The soil contains vermigumus-a product of manure processing by earthworms-a natural organic fertilizer. PH 5.5-6.5. Vermicompost in the ground 30 %.

Features and useful properties of Vermicompost:

Biohumus is a universal fertilizer for agricultural and ornamental plants.
The basis is water-soluble forms of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, which are much better absorbed by plants, in contrast to chemical fertilizers.
The use of vermicompost reduces the consumption of fertilizers by 20 % and pesticides by 97 %.
Biohumus reduces the acidity and improves the structure (water and air permeability) of the soil. Land with vermicompost is more water-intensive.
Fruits, vegetables and berries grown on vermicompost contain 27% more iron and 14% more phosphorus (than when using chemical fertilizers).
Vermicompost accelerates seed germination, stimulates seedling growth and root formation.
It stimulates flowering, accelerates fruit maturation, and increases the quantity and quality of the crop.
Biohumus increases the immunity of plants to various diseases and faster recovery after them. We are waiting for offers by phone 80171747239, Fax 80171747230, e-mail nemanskoe@mail.ru.


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Отдел сбыта
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Минская обл.,Столбцовский р-н, п. Неман
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